Payment-Personal and Household Expenditure
 Budgeting and Tax Information Compilation
Comprehensive Bookkeeping and Reporting
Mail and Communication Bill Processing

Would you like to simplify your life and avoid the hours of wasted time attending to the basic chores of the day. Collecting and opening mail. Sorting and dealing with invitations, bills, statements, junk mail and solicitations. Think of the time spent managing household responsibilities such as paying bills, tracking expenses, dealing with household vendors and other administrative issues.

APS is a personalized service company dedicated to confidentially and systematically taking care of the personal, administrative and household affairs of families/individuals. We meet with you and/or your advisors to gather necessary information regarding your specific requests and lifestyle.  This information helps us assess the client’s expectations and permits us to explain in greater detail the services we are able to provide

Avail Pay Services

 Customized Reporting-Home Improvement and Luxury Assets
 Health Insurance Claims Filing/Administration
 Electronic Imaging and Documentation
 Quarterly and Annual Reporting
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